1. This Brother's Blues

From the album Jewish Blues V.2

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This Brother's Blues

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This Brothers Blues
The Torah is full of sibling rivalries. This Brothers Blues is a four part story of Jacob and Esau from Jacobs Perspective. This Song is a musical tribute to Jeff Beck and Stevie Wonder, complete with 70s clavinet, doo-woops, and a gang of guitars.


This Brother’s Blues

We started fighting
In the womb
It was just a little too tight
And there wasn’t enough room to move
So I grabbed your Heel …and tried to get out first
And that’s how it all began
The beginning of this brother’s blues

The next fight
Was for father’s blessing
And I wasn’t willing to give it up
So I tricked him
With some good home cooking
And that ain’t nothin’ new
And with a little lentil stew
I staved off this brother’s blues

The next round
The stakes went up
And Mama always wanted me to win
So she stepped in
And I left town
And had to cruise
Now I’m on the run
From this brother’s blues

We meet as men
After wrestling with an angel all night
So I send my wives
Gifts and gold
To appease your mood
And that’s how I put an end
To this brother’s blues