1. Tachanun

From the album Jewish Blues V.2

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Have you ever had a day where you just laid your head down and felt lost? You are not alone, King David struggled with depression as well and this song comes from a prayer that is said after Shacharit and Minchah most days and is a perfect. It is King David talking to one of his Advisors (Gad ) about how distressed he is. When this prayer is traditionally read in Shul, congregants will sit down and lay their head on their left arm. I borrowed the part of the song form from an Eric Bibb version of a Howlin Wolf song called goin down slow.


And David said to Gad, “I am exceedingly distressed. Let us fall into Hashem’s hand, for God’s mercies are
abundant, but not into human hands
O compassionate and gracious One, I have erred before You.
Hashem , Who is full of mercy, have mercy on me and accept my supplications.