1. Jonah

From the album Jewish Blues V.2

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If anyone has the right to Sing the Blues, it's Jonah. Inspired from a rainy night in the studio
and recorded very late at night with a live band, this is raw wrenching acoustic blues.


Ani Yohevet Jonah
Servant of the Lord
Why Should I save Nineveh
When Our people it seeks to Destroy?

So I flee to Tarshish
On a Ship
I’ll find Peace
But the Lord, Cast a Wind, On the Sea
The Captain, and the Crew
Turned to Me

I said cast me on the water,
For this is all my fault
Don’t fear the wrath of

So I called out
In my distress
From the Belly of the Whale
I cried
But you heard
You heard my solitary voice

My Soul grew faint upon me
I humbly fell down, on my knees
I said Abister, won’t you please save
Poor me

You can run
But you cannot hide
From your prophecy
Your destiny won’t be denied
And if your sacrifice is true,
I’ll save you …Jonah Blue