1. Lot's Niggun

From the album Jewish Blues V.2

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Lot's Niggun

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Lots Niggun
Of all the Characters in the Tanach who truly had a reason to sing the blues, Lot is the one who most poignantly stands out as his life unravels. This song has a niggun (wordless melody) in it. Nigunnim are a very powerful form of prayer and can transcend all the Mental gymnastics we do and take us much higher. "Rabbi Nachman says that the most direct means for attaching ourselves to G-d from this material world is through music and song. We learn from Chassidus that every Neshama (soul) had its own melody before making the descent into this world. Physical existence covers up this original song with many layers of noise. The quest for self-understanding and closeness to G-d involves searching the world for our own hidden melody. Through the power of nigun, a tzaddik (righteous person) is able to connect us to Gan Eden (The Garden of Eden) which is the original place of complete understanding."( from Leiba Chaya Simblist)


Lot’s Niggun

The Lord has come to Destroy us
Our city has fallen to sin
Please uncle ask G-d to forgive us
And save us from this Beit Din
The Angels came and I treated them well
I offered my Daughters for free
Now I’m down , on my knees


My Daughter you condemned to die
For feeding a poor man
Tell me, what’s the sense in that
And where has justice gone
V’ani Koreach

So I’ve left my home and my land
My Uncles’ Prayers have failed
At least I’ve got my beautiful wife
Just don’t turn around and we’re free
V’ani Koreach